Friday 5 December 2014

Black and White

It occurred to me while messing around with my Image transfer stuff, that a simple black and white image might look striking and graphic on a tube bead or two. While pondering this I remembered the images I have been using to make the negatives for my Photopolymer texture sheets, which were conveniently black and white and available. I got some examples printed off at the local copy shop and tried some out.

I thought they came out pretty well. The rounded pattern looked a bit like those African eye beads you see around, but nicely different. I tried some chunkier beads than my usual. I'll try some hollow ones at some point I think, that way they would be lighter.

I still have to work out how they should be presented on a pendant or necklace and what beads they might go with, but I'll mess around until something clicks.

Jon x


  1. I love these beads! I'm particularly fond of black and white in many media. I'm also thinking that your photopolymer texture sheets shown on this post would work really well with polymer clay mokume gane.

  2. Thanks slkunze,
    I need to try my tex sheets on some mokume gane, and try out mica shift as well, (not tried it yet). They may be a bit shallow at barely 2mm though. So many ideas and so little time! ;-)