Sunday 8 February 2015

Hi, my name's Jon and I am a complete pillock. .

Anyone got a link to Pillocks Anonymous? I need to find a local support group.
For why? Well, I just managed to send a buyer a set of orange and black disk beads when actually they had ordered the yellow and silver ones. . I only find out my mistake when somebody bought the orange and black ones today and I couldn't find them. Funnily enough, I did find the yellow and silver ones. . . duh. . .

The orange and black ones

The yellow and silver ones

Oh well, the buyer was very nice about it. I am going to make her a set of very similar beads, as long as I can remember what I did the first time ;-) And the original buyer gets to keep the wrong beads and gets the right beads sent off tomorrow. .

But apart from the display of pillockness on my part, my Etsy shop seems to be taking off in it's own small way. I have sold 8 or so bead sets in the last couple of weeks, which counts as a wild flurry of activity in my world. I'm really pleased. let's hope it continues.

Sold these the day after I listed them. Flippin' 'eck. .

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