Thursday 16 April 2015

In Spring time in Spring time the only pretty ri-ing time. . etc

As that Shakespeare put it. . .
It does actually seem to be Spring. I'm only wearing one jumper instead of my customary winter two jumpers. The sun is shining and you can feel some proper heat coming from it. The flowers are emerging and a very cool insect of a type known as a 'bee-mimic', (loosely, a kind of hover fly that looks like a bee) called bombylius major is buzzing round the pulmonaria. I have a great affection for these beasties, they have a long pointy 'nose' which they can guide precisely into the centre of a tiny forget-me-not flower, while hovering, with unerring accuracy.

Bombylius major

Chiff chaffs are calling, a skylark is doing it's stuff high above, and all the garden birds are well into their nest building cycle. No swallows as yet but it's definitely spring!

I've been experimenting again. . . As I mentioned in passing in my last post, I have some ring blanks. In their natural state they are a bit naff to be honest. All shiny and silvery and mass produced looking. So I attacked a couple of them with sandpaper and alcohol inks and gilder's paste in no particular order until they looked more interesting. They are made of copper, under the silver plating stuff, which is much nicer. Especially when scratched to blazes and coloured in an irregular way. They then become suitable  partners for my image trans tile bead things.

Suitably trashed ring blank with image trans bead in place. attached with blu tac, but fear not, it's just for the photo, so I can see what it looks like.

I might even try one or two on my JBDRusticOrganic Etsy shop soon. 

As my hands are a bit too middle aged and too obviously male, which wouldn't really do. . . I decided to try alternative things to fit the rings onto for photographic purposes. I remembered the stack of chopped buddlia branches I put aside for kindling, and picked out a suitable piece. I quite like the effect.

I think it will be worth a try for me to list a couple in a day or two. I keep finding uses for my image trans beads, and just need to keep getting stuff out there to see what reaction I get.

Jon x

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