Monday 1 June 2015

Life gets in the way

Not that messing about with polymer clay and blogging about it isn't part of 'life', but it does tend to get subsumed by other stuff, when said other stuff raises it's ugly head. Sorry not to post sooner. Not that you were waiting with bated breath, or 'baited breath' as I have seen people spell it, now there's a surreal concept. . .

We've been away for a few days, cruising the villages of Suffolk to see what the places where vaguely possible houses for sale are situated. (we haven't sold ours yet, but research was needed) Interesting stuff.

pretty stuff

Some pretty bits, and some right crap. If you were ever thinking of checking out Friday night in Stowmarket, not that any of you are in a position to do that, I would advise against. It was a flippin wasteland! Deserted streets, the two pubs we could find just had a couple of fat blokes with shaved heads watching sport on a bloody great telly. The sign outside one had 'Friday Night Explosion!' chalked onto it. Yeah right. Friday night Mouse fart more like. . . Totally our scene. . . not.
About the most exiting thing happening was that the branch of Subway was open. . . The town's depressed looking teenagers were huddled round it and round the steps of the baptist chapel or somesuch building nearby, poor things. There was more life in the Asda car park than on the high street. . .

Anyway, real life apart, I have been messing about with poly clay a bit. I bought some titanium wire, as it's hypoallergenic and cheaper than sterling silver. It has a dull finish, but I like that. It fits the vibe of my work better than something shiny does. imho.
Here's a couple of sets of earrings I made using some black and white image trans beads and said titanium wire.

I was wondering whether I should offer a set of two of earring that actually match. I like unmatched, but there may be those who might be put off by that. Not sure I want to cater for such unadventurous types ;-) but I might try a set or two in my shop as an experiment. Or I might not.

And I made some 'Dread beads'. Not sure whether you sell these individually or in sets. I shall research. I used at least four coats of Renaissance Wax on them, buffed up on my dremel between coats. That should render them weather and sweat proof, or am I being optimistic here? Should I varnish them?

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