Tuesday 10 November 2015

Multi listings and all that

I keep thinking about writing a post, and then putting it off until I have something I think is 'worth writing about'. . .
Yeah, well dream on ;-) The usual drivel will have to do, it's been long enough since my last post.

I have been busy though. I've taken the concept of the Psuedoshard a step further, making thin image trans drop charm sort of things with the usual distressed image transfer stuff on the front. I used some of my black and white images on some of them, which worked quite nicely I thought. I always think they look African for some reason. To do with my mental image of what African looks like of course, and perhaps not all that close to what something African actually looks like, but there is such a thing as a national characteristic that comes through in work from a particular place. It's a vague concept, and involves that other vague concept, 'feel' as well as direct visual clues, but I maintain it does exist.
In my head anyway.

I have been trying out a time and effort saving concept too. I have made some multiple listings. The trouble with listing four (say) different examples of the same sort of thing, (Four sets of image trans earring charms for instance) is that each ideally requires 5 separate photos. General shot, close up, the back, one for scale and one wild card. . . Each shot has to be resized and tweaked in Photoshop before being saved in a different folder. Then a listing has to be written out, tags sorted out etc etc. Sometimes for a potential $5 sale. Not ideal. There has to be an easier way. . . So I have tried photographing and listing multiples when the items are variations on a theme. The buyer tells me which ones they want and I adapt the photo accordingly and relist. Early days but it's working OK I think. I will have left over items which I can then list on their own, but that is less trouble than making loads of small listings. . .
Of course I could stop making small beads, but that would be a shame.

I have made some more organic form spike things too. They are fun to make and the last lot sold very quickly. We shall have to see how these do.

Other than that I made some big hollow beads by pre-baking two halves and sticking them together.

And some bi-colour bicone beads, which I quite like. haven't listed them yet, but will do so over the next week.

I think I need to make some more eccentric style stuff, maybe some large focals or something, as I have been in component making mode for a while and need a change, just for a while.
Still enjoying the process, so all good there.
Jon x


  1. I think the title of your blog is perfect Jon. I find what you do incredibly fascinating on my end. And your end products just make my mind spin - even though I don't do anything like what you do. I am always eager to see what you are up to next and enjoy reading how you get there in your mind and through your hands.

    I can certainly appreciate what you are going through with your listings - again something I don't do - but I can understand how much work it is. An incredible amount actually!

    Focals - I can hardly wait!

  2. Thanks,
    I appreciate the feedback and it's nice to know the title of this blog nailed my process so well ;-) Well, I will have to make some focals now, having mentioned them. . . hmmm. . .

  3. Hey Jon,
    Your posts are by no means drivel in any way. I look forward to them and seeing what other interesting items that you've come up with. Thank you for sharing your struggles with certain things. It really encourages those of who are far from the artist that you are. You really know how to make a "nothing" look like something interesting and beautiful. Your rustic look is the look that I really like. Sometimes my rustic looks more like throwaway, but I save it anyway,hoping I will see something on your posts to save it. I really enjoy your blog and your work. I might have said that before, but here it is again in case I didn't. Thanks again