Friday 22 April 2016

I'm still here. .

Just. . We are selling our house and buying another one, like you do, only further out into the country. Trouble is, our buyers are faffing about due to their very picky surveyor ( only doing his job I guess. .) and our seller is getting all antsy and impatient at the delay, trying to put pressure on us to progress things that are actually beyond our control. All very tedious and stressful. So no mutterings about polymer clay just yet, though I've been messing around trying to refine my image trans technique in various ways, with varying levels of success. But more about that another time. Back to the waiting by the phone/ email stuff. . . Wish us luck ;-)


  1. Why are things never easy? Wishing you luck Jon. Hope your new home will have lots of creative energy and a great studio for you to work in!

    1. Thanks, our purchase fell through, due to old fashioned 'gazumping' . Somebody made a better offer though it 'shouldn't' have been allowed. . . Depressing, but we will bounce back. Might need a week or two though.