Friday 7 October 2016

They came, they saw, they faved, they went away again. . ;-)

Well, I had a great idea the other day. I would get all my beads I saved from deconstructed necklaces that never quite worked out, all my experimental beads that didn't quite fit with others, and some beads I like but haven't used for anything and most likely won't use for anything, photograph them and list them as a big destash (auto correct says 'deaths'.  .) sale. I could publicise it on Facebook etc etc. So I did that.
I got a nice response, so thanks for the views and faves, but it didn't turn into the stampede of bargain hunters snapping up beads right left and centre that I was hoping for ;-) Never mind. You can lead a camel to water, they say, but you can't make it put on a blonde wig and dance the Watusi. . . Wait, maybe they don't exactly say that, but you get the gist.
I'll keep the destash section going for a week more maybe, then de-activate the listings, as they are kind of filling up my front page somewhat.
I have had some sales though, just not anything in the destash sale. .

In between photographing and listing old beads I have been making some flattened profile bicones. I also have been reacquainting myself with my marbling/crackle technique and reminding myself of its little ways. The results have been good, though I say it myself. I went with more subtle colours which added to the gentle, faux ceramic, faux stone vibe that they exude. . .

The other recent departure for me in my bead making of late has been the manufacture of some simple, unadorned but still rustic beads, intended to compliment my other beads. They have gone down quite well, as they are reasonably priced and come with a discount if you buy with other beads. I think Etsy allows me to do that. Can't see why they would have a problem with it.

Bees in the chimney - I spoke to a local beekeeper on the phone. A really helpful old chap who gave me the lowdown on the issue. He had a wonderful Norfolk accent, and told me the problems trying to get rid of the bees in my 'chimbley' could bring. The upshot is that I will leave them be (bee?) and see if they survive the winter. They don't fly once it gets below 10 degrees, so we can get the roofing work done next month maybe. They have still been coming down the chimney in small numbers though. I blocked the small hole they were getting out of the wood burner through with polymer clay (of course!) and draped an old coat over the front just in case they were attracted by the light. That seems to have stopped the problem. But I'm not opening the door unless gets it gets cold. The old beekeeper said I should light a 'smookey' fire to spook them if they have tried to build anything in the actual lined part of the chimney.
Country living eh?
On another country living note, I thought we were down to just one guinea fowl as I hadn't seen the other one for a day or two. I sadly wandered the edge of the garden looking for the corpse or evidence of a fox of whatever, but found nothing. Nothing that is, until I disturbed guinea fowl two from her nest under the hedge. . . That's where she had been. Nesting, in October! Poor silly thing. Oh well, they are from the plains of Africa, so haven't got a clue about rural East Anglia and things like winter. The eggs most likely won't hatch, and if they do I give them ten minutes before they turn up their little toes and die. The last brood they had lasted about a week, and that was in the high summer.
It's a hard world.
Jon x


  1. I'm not a big facebook fan so I guess I've missed this whole event from the beginning Jon. I've now gone back and reread looking for a link to the page...ahem....hint problem - I'll find you...

    I'd say leave the sale up for a bit more - take down - put it up again in a couple of weeks and say just in time for Christmas jewelry making or pre-Christmas sales....get people thinking....

    Your new beads are VERY attractive again. I think they would complement those gorgeous coloured beads you posted last...oh my....

    The bees - I waited until winter - which here gets to -40C on a regular basis - in fact it's below 0 here and we have a couple of inches of snow we gathered yesterday....such fun.

    When it was really cold I drilled into the wall and used a bee bomb. How I wish now that I hadn't done that but back then I didn't think much beyond trying to get renovations done. When I opened up the wall it was an entire wall of honey and I had (mostly) killed all the honey bees. I hate myself for that now with the scarcity of honey bees and them dying off everywhere - thank you Monsanto! and thank you me....dammit

    Your poor birds. I am particularly fond of birds as we don't have pets anymore (I just can't take the dying part at the end. It does me in.) So I have 5 birdfeeders in the yard and loads of birds everywhere...I do love to listen to them. Having that happen in my yard would be particularly distressing for me. I've got a very soft (and stupid) heart.

    Now - I'm off to find your facebook page!

  2. I added the link. Thanks for pointing that out. . . I'll see what happens with the deaths (auto correct is kind of creepy) I mean DESTASH sale. It was worth a try so I am not going to worry about it. At least I don't have the idea nagging in the back of my mind anymore ;-)
    There probably is a big store of honey somewhere in the chimney insulation. The smell lingers, so bees will be attracted to the place where honey was, for years. As we're not renovating, we won't be pulling out bricks etc so I'll just get our bit of of repair done and see what next year brings.
    I'm about to get some bird feeders now the weather is starting to get more autumnal. We don't seem to get the usual british garden birds, not sure why. I need to encourage more small birds so the feeds should make them less shy, I hope. We do get rather special looking Green Woodpeckers on our lawn. After ants apparently. We had four on there a few weeks ago.
    We never get winters as cold as you. Must be interesting as long as you are kitted out for such things. .