Tuesday 18 November 2014

Hey! ;-)

I had a nice surprise this morning. Cynthia Tinapple featured my work on her most excellent blog, Polymer Clay Daily.


Getting feedback on their creative work can make such a difference to an artists confidence and general mood. Many artists work in a bit of a vacuum of their own making. I know I tend to.

It's all too easy to construct the notion that there's no point showing your work as nobody will be all that interested. Especially if what you do is quite obscure and you feel that it's only likely to appeal to a particular subset of people, who more than likely won't get to see it anyway. . . So you don't bother.
Not a helpful mindset. A nice combination of arrogant and lazy ;-)

So getting the opportunity to see if what I make strikes a chord with others is really valuable. And it shows that a bit of reaching out into the world of social media and creating more of a web presence can be rewarding. Not something I would have said six months ago. A lesson I needed to learn.
Colour me encouraged. . .

Thanks Cynthia ;-)

Jon x


  1. Saw your work on Polymer Clay Daily and love it....so glad Cynthia shared it!!!!! Inspiring....

  2. Nice of you to say so Suzanne, Thanks ;-)