Sunday 9 November 2014

OK, so off we go. . .

Up the Road to Nowhere ;-) Ooh, I'm so negative.
So, I now have a Facebook 'page' -

like wot I am told I need to have.

Actually, I do understand why I need such a thing, but it goes against the Northern European Protestant 'don't get above yourself, what's so special about you?' cultural ethos that seems to be hard wired into my psyche, to embark on this self publicity journey. I feel like I'm being a pushy, mouthy git by even trying to draw attention to myself. But this is my problem rather than a problem with the process, after all, if nobody knows you exist, or what you are producing, then it does seem a bit pointless producing it. Innit?

So off we go, as I mentioned earlier. Let's see what happens.

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