Sunday 7 December 2014

Destashing some old stuff and extending my price 'realism' ;-)

On having a look at the first listings I made on my Etsy shop, when I was nought but a green youngster. . . (Well, all right, four months ago. But I was green youngster in terms of selling beads and suchlike.) I realise that I have moved away, (I won't say 'on' as that is not for me to judge), from that stuff somewhat, and that as I don't feel quite so attached to those items I would be quite happy to see them go to a good home for a reduced price. Or possibly a more 'realistic' price, whatever that means.

I've also knocked the prices of some other items down a bit as I feel I would like to see them move on from their Etsy limbo. Plenty of likes, which is nice, but a few more sales would be cool. I'd like them to be out there in the big world, being used and worn and enjoyed ;-)
Not that reducing prices brings sales particularly, the psychology of perceived value being what it is, but it might be an incentive.
So check out my shop and see what you think.
Feel free to comment ;-)
Jon x

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