Friday 16 October 2015

Clayhem 3

Just thought I'd document the state of my workspace as it has got a bit ridiculous. It may even be bad enough for me to actually tidy it up, but the jury is still out on that one. I still have about 12" by 6" blank space, and anyway, I tend to work on my lap for some reason. I bet this level of disarray is familiar to some of you out there ;-) If not. . . I am in awe of your environmental control. . .
Explore the chaos. There are beads, little image trans squares, raw clay, baked reject things, cutters, real shards, a chunk of concrete, earring beads hanging up on my improvised rack, some flint and other wondrous goodies. . . enjoy.


  1. Oh my goodness!

    Okay - once in a while - once - in a while - I get like this. Usually because I'm hell bent on getting things finished for shows etc. and don't have time to clean up.

    BUT! I find a messy studio distracts me from what I'm working on and eventually - no matter what - I have to stop and clean it up. I can't work with a really messy studio. And at present - it's getting that way so I know I've got a day of cleaning coming up.

    I was fascinated with your camera stand and that hammer. And - do you always use fimo for your clay?

    I love your style. I really do. And seeing all your neat tools and work space is a great glimpse into an artistic mind that I appreciate. Thanks!

  2. Thanks ;-) Thats not actually a hammer, its a bunch of bead pins stuck in a spare bit of gold sculpey that I had knocking around! I do find that clearing ones workspace does feel good once you have done it. . . it will be my Monday task, as that is good day to transition from weekend mindset to work mindset.