Sunday 15 October 2017

Oh Well. . . Onwards and Upwards, or maybe just sideways for a bit. . . Stir Crazy Cats, Rejection and Necessary Tedium. . .

Small, big loop spikes

Well, Not the best of weeks. . .

I went along with my work to the Craft Soc application event, (see my last post) which was part of their AGM. The two other applicants had dropped out so I was the only one. I did answer a lot of questions about my process etc and had a very good buffet lunch so had quite a nice time. But the day after, I got an email saying that my application hadn't been successful.

It was to do with the tiles and coasters not being hand made as such, which I suspected might be an issue, and to do with the society's rigid view of categories. They liked the jewellery and said I could re apply next year as a jeweller if I wished, when my work had progressed. hmmmm. . . ;-) kind of back handed compliment. . .

What I find a bit irritating is that my work would happily fit alongside other craft work in a shop or gallery context, but is somehow not acceptable as 'craft' in principle. I'm not sure I will bother to re apply next year, but I will try to find some other sales outlets if I can, I just have to put the leg work in. 

It's hard not to feel a bit despondent though. . .

Double ended spiked loops

But enough of that. . now for some cat stuff. . .

The two girl cats, Boudicca and Cleopatra, have just reached five months of age and had their visit to the vets to be neutered. They came through the experience well, and we have tried to follow the instructions on the advice sheet the vets gave us. It says they should have complete rest. . . Yeah right, you tell them that! Two lively young cats who have been cooped up in their travel box thing for most of the day, and finally get their freedom, have other ideas. We kept them in the one room and tried to settle them down but they were intent on running around like mad things, climbing the curtains and wrestling each other. They objected very strongly to wearing their conical 'buster collars' and wrestled them off however tightly we fastened them. Luckily they had little interest in licking their scars so it was ok to leave them off.

We can't let them outside, but if they are progressing ok when the vet sees them on Monday to check how the healing is going, I'm blooming well letting them out! They will come to less harm roaming around out there than if they stay inside, going stir crazy, burning off excess energy by fighting and thundering up and down the hall like demented creatures.

Textured and turned effect mini spikes

Cat issues not withstanding, life goes on. Tomorrow is another day etc etc. 

As an antidote to despondency, doing your accounts wouldn't be rated very highly by most people, but it has to be done, and I've been doing mine. Which has meant that I have had little time to indulge in any activity of a bead making nature in my workshop. in the last few days. But before this whole craft soc thing, I did have a good play around with some smaller beads/charms, mainly but not always involving spikes or points and largish loops, as the pics in this post will confirm. Some promising results I think. Your mileage may vary ;-)

Small cone charms

For quite a while I have been exploring what happens to alcohol inks when diluted with rubbing alcohol and applied in layers etc. Interesting and not often what you would expect. . .

Subtle coloured plain spikes with loops

Stumpy, turned effect layered 'spikes' with loops

Organic textured loop spikes in mossy greens

Conical heavily textured spikes with plain loops

I'm going to try selling these on Facebook, as Etsy is positively glacial right now and I've been rubbish at driving traffic to my new shop on Indiemade. I'm grateful for the faves and suchlike, and for the few sales I've had, but I'm just not sure I'm getting found in Etsy search anymore. At least FB is where my potential 'audience' hangs out, and I have a presence there.
Anyway, till next time, be good and stay well,
Jon x


  1. So many things happening in this post!

    First off - organizations - pah!! Their silly rules and regs are just dumb. They have these over-inflated ideas that they pull off of the internet and try to apply without any qualifications to do so. They aren't museums - they are just a 'group'. Do NOT be offended in any way Jon! Most of these people love broomsticks - note the way they walk and how it pokes their noses up into the air.

    As you can tell I have no use for such people. They think they know what makes up something - and even if your tiles were not entirely made by you? Who the F cares?? They will sell. Anywhere! So get your butt out to stores with a good presentation and be prepared to leave an inventory list.

    Your big hole beads are fab! They look like ceramic. That's quite an accomplishment I think!

    As for selling them. Don't despair. Selling anything is a never ending job. Look at Coke and Pepsi - they continually advertise their product even though we all accept it as part of our lives (well not me - I don't drink soda).

    Do you have a FB buy and sell page where you are? Find that is a good place to put things up for sale and get noticed as well.

    Chin up - you are doing a fabulous job Jon!

    Cuddle the kits for me...

    1. Thanks ;-) I've just listed five items on FB so let's see what happens. . .
      I love the broomstick reference re groups ;-) I know where they keep them. . .
      I'll check out my local big town and see what their gallery type shops are like. I need something between the 'fine arty' gallery spaces and the predictable 'gift' type shops. They may exist, you never know. . Cats duly hugged, they have been fighting each other inside and outside of a large plastic bag as I write. . nutters, the lot of them.