Wednesday 25 July 2018

Holiday Recovery, Scooter Trauma, Earring Unsuccess and Back to the Creative Stuff. . .

Well, I'm back from holiday. It turns out that at was as hot back home as it was where we went. Who'd a thunk. . .
But it did have the Med, lovely food, motor boats to hire and suchlike distractions. It was mostly relaxing. . .
Although we did just manage to avoid wiping ourselves out on a hired scooter. Scooters just don't handle like motor bikes! Horrible things. I didn't feel fully in control of it, the weight was all wrong, so we turned it in half a day early before something nasty happened. I did manage to drive slowly and sedately into a thorn bush, while negotiating a sharp turn on bumpy track, which was less than fun but not injurious. . . So no more scooters for me, ever.

Loggos harbour, from the track up to the deserted windmill, Paxos

The funny thing about holidays is that it takes a day or three to recover from them, which seems to negate the point of them in the first place ;-) It didn't help that the  journey home took all day, including a 5 hour coach ride that stopped every bleedin' where between Heathrow and Norwich, and didn't have wi fi, so I missed the World Cup Final. . . Anyway, enough moaning. Well done France, and Croatia, I might add. And England, for a work in progress, we did OK.

I managed to get back into the workshop for a reasonable length of time, once the recovery from the holiday was complete, and continued my experimentation with bits of wire and neglected beads. Some of which were very successful, and others which were frankly, a bit mad. It was good to relax into an extended bit of creative activity again.

Demented pendant

I got round to listing some stuff on LBA Galleria Elementals at long last, and sold most of them, so that kept me in a good mood. 

Oh yeah, I was forgetting, I tried some earrings on LBA Designers Galleria, but got no takers, some nice comments but nobody flashing the cash. Interesting. I feel that earrings are perhaps a longer term  sell than components. Maybe my Etsy shop is the place for them rather than short sharp exposure on FB. Dunno. Maybe they weren't what people actually wanted or they would rather buy the beads and make the earrings themselves. I might try a different group to see if that makes a difference. It's all a learning curve, and none the worse for that.

simple unsold, but not unloved spike earrings

Still no rain here. The lawn is brown and the pond is as low as we've seen it. Still, it does mean I don't have to cut the grass. Oh well, it will rain eventually and no doubt we will moan about that too ;-)
I'll share my most recent makes next time, so until then, have a good one.
Jon x

some textured spikes, just to keep my hand in. .


  1. I can't believe you haven't had any success selling your earrings. Your designs are brilliant Jon!

    I think the 5th one from the bottom should be called 'tadpoles'. :0)

    Your heat is making the news along with the discoveries they are finding - old forts etc. That's amazing!

    Here - well - um - we are the only part of the world where it is below normal temps. Cold mornings - like 4c cold - and we had a high of 11c on Tuesday. For me - I adore the heat. My body doesn't hurt near as much when it's hot and dry. Not happening this year for us.

    As for scooters. OMG. We rented them in Hawaii at Christmas and I was terrified every time we came to a stop sign on a hill. Keeping the thing from rolling backwards was really difficult. I was secretly glad when we turned them in. Sort of fun to drive but really difficult at the same time.

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