Saturday 21 November 2015

Manic making. . .

Well, so much for stated good intentions. . . 
I have departed from my plan to lay off the component making and maybe do some larger more complex things. 
Aye well, given a choice between backwards or forwards, I will find a way of going sideways. . . That's just the way I am.
What I have actually been doing is somewhat manically making even more organic textured components these last couple of weeks. 

In my defence, the intention was to get a pool of draft listings together so I can add a couple every day or so while engaged in other stuff, like endeavouring to earn a living. You know, that stuff. . .
I'm sort of getting there, but the temptation is to add lots of items to the shop at once 'because it's there'.
I need to resist this.

I did, however manage to play around with multiple textures, as in the groovy limpet like thing above. The texture in the middle was from a kind of hard wormcast found on mussel shells and the like, and the other texture was from a digital image made into a texture sheet and a further texture stamp or roller made from that, then impressed round the outside. That was fun, and it came out looking well organic and crusty. But mainly I followed the simple rolled texture sort of fascination. . .

Some of the things below are in my etsy shop, and some aren't but will be in the next few days I should think.

I made some basic rolled texture beads influenced by a pic of some neolithic beads I saw on pinterest. 

Some strange organic fungoid alien bean shoot dangles.

Some satisfyingly crusty drop charms. Which have obviously been lying on the sea bed for about 100 years.

some entertainingly spotty blue beads, using the outrageously intense colour that is Indigo alcohol ink. That stuff should have a health warning ;-) I love it, but cleaning the brush very thoroughly afterwards is advised.

Some square texture beads.

And most recently, some more organic spike things that remind me both of seaweed and of microscopic creatures somehow. . .

At some point soon I will take my own advice and take a break from manic making. I would like to produce some more considered work as well as my more instinctive reactions to the material that my most recent work has been at root. 
Jon x


  1. Jon, I can relate to your sidewaysedness ways. That's a great bit of crust and your description "Some strange organic fungoid alien bean shoot dangles" is right up my alley. I think I made some glass small bead barrels with dots this week too! Limpets and worm tubes all good!
    Keep it up. I like your journey.

  2. Thanks Kimberley ;-) I follow your stuff on FB with interest too. Rusty crusty organic oddness is the way to go. . .