Wednesday 13 January 2016

Well, Christmas and New Year and stuff got in the way didn't it?

Kind of a long time between posts I know. But never fear, I am still here. Large as life and twice as ugly, as the saying goes, though of course that saying is referring to somebody very unlike me, oh yes.
Anyway, I hope you had a good holiday season and a good new year. Mine was nice. Three F's - Food, Friends and Family.
It was particularly hard to get back into the swing of things this new year for some reason. Christmas being on a weekend, and the new year tying up the next weekend didn't help. But I am back in a modified form of 'work mode' now and have been making stuff.
Despite previously talking about not making loads of beads, and instead, making some jewellery pieces, I have been making loads of beads. . . Yeah, well, I am going to follow my inclination in 2016 and let the second guessing and planning go hang. I am 'following the fascination' after all. Of course my inclination might change, and I might want to actually do the second guessing and planning thing, but only if I feel like it and it feels good.
I am lucky in that I am not making beads and jewellery as a way of making a living. I would like to increase the amount it makes me but it is only part of my (modest) income stream so I can play the self indulgent artist with a bit more freedom than some. And anyway, a lot of advice out there urges artists to please themselves before trying to please others, and that way attract a genuinely interested audience. I can see the logic there. The basic drawback being the hows and wherefores of attracting said audience. 'Marketing' I think it is called. I find it hard to raise my feelings about marketing above 'necessary evil' status I'm afraid, but I shall keep trying. There has to be a way that suits who I am better than bugging people on FB etc.
OK, so where are the pics of these beads I have been making? thought you'd never ask.
Here you go.

Image trans beads made from bits of digital image transfers rolled round a baked core.

Printed tube beads, using inks and my digital image texture sheets plus some alc ink.

These look like sweets but are entirely inedible. image trans patterns applied on chunky beads with a bloomin great hole in the middle. Kato Clear liquid as a varnish. Faux ceramic humbugs.


  1. Happy New Year!
    As always your beads are fabulous. I've only played around a little with image transfer and you certainly inspire me to try again.
    As for marketing, have you thought of giving instagram a go? Its image focused so it feels more natural than FB especially for an artist and its a much better design. (I'm @gwilliamson if you want to find me there.) I use both but I much prefer instagram.
    That being said, remember you aren't "bugging" someone on FB because we agreed to be your friend - we want your updates!

    1. Thanks Genevieve,
      I resonate with image trans as it lets me continue my obsession with fractal maths and pattern, and it's ability to look organic and decayed though it isn't at all. (except when I attack it with various treatments of course, that just adds another layer of old/new conflict or contrast.) Getting images off my computer and on to actual 'stuff' is great ;-)
      I'd be fascinated to see what you would do with it. Something stylish and minimal no doubt. . .
      I am trying IG but am stymied by not having a smartphone, which means uploading images to dropbox and down onto my iPad etc etc. My new(ish) laptop might enable me to use "gramblr' I think it's called, which lets you post images on IG from your computer. I will explore it further, thanks.

  2. Oh I do love your work. But you know that. Those printed blue tube beads are totally making my heart do little jumps of joy. Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks Ginger ;-)
      I have a few more sets of those printed beads to list in the next day or two. Some in 'classic' blue and white, like the long ones at the top of my post, and some more yellowy greeny painted type ones. Keep the heart meds handy ;-) I'm going to get some more colour ink pads I think, as I am liking the effect.
      Jon x

  3. Love love love your colours!! They are beautiful. And I did a little jump too when I saw those blue ones as well!
    Instagram - yes - but what about Pinterest as well? FB is okay - and lots of people use it. You could use it as a place to sort of blog with your pics - just like this and then you'd be marketing!

    Happy New Year from Canada Jon! Please keep following your fascinations...